The rugs cost £300/£375 per metre incl delivery to your door worldwide. If you are a designer, take a look at the simple PDF below, for best results we recommend where possible you try and graph it yourself. However you can also simply provide us with an image and we can graph it for you. If you are an artist looking to produce rugs to sell you can (for example) order a one-off 1 metre sq rug for £375 and display it at your art show. we can then make to order and facilitate shipping and delivery for subsequent rugs if it sells. Its a no-risk made-on-demand system. Please email us for advice and questions and send you rug images to:

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We aim to connect a worldwide network of designers and artists with traditional Nepalese carpet makers to create beautiful handmade rugs.

Our rug makers, Kumbeshwar are a founder member of Fair Trade Nepal. Employees are taught literacy and skills. In addition to fair wages their work supports a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen.